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Are you interested in becoming a Spiritual Life Coach? 

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Enrol to study Life Coaching at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and receive:

3-months FREE Spiritual Coaching with me, Juliette Kristine!

This coaching program is designed to help you deepen your spiritual connection and step into your full potential, so when you graduate the Beautiful You Coaching Academy you can embrace your practice as a sought after Spiritual Life Coach.

What is the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy?

A comprehensive six month online course that not only teaches you the skills to be an exceptional life coach but how to build your business as well.

Founded by clinical counsellor and certified coach Julie Parker, Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy prides itself on being: 

"A course for people just like you – people who want to make a difference, see others grow and shine, work with people they love and feel connected to – and yes – create their own business and a life they love.”

You can read more about the course on the Beautiful You website. 


When I enrolled to study life coaching at the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy I knew that I wanted to work as a Spiritual Life Coach. My passion for spirituality and the power of manifestation started from a young age and more and more I was seeing people come to me for this type of guidance. 

Even though I knew spirituality was one of the fastest growing niches in Life Coaching it wasn't until I began studying that I realised how important my own spiritual practice was and the impact it would have on my success as a new coach. 

Starting a completely new business while working full time was hard. Not to mention the fear of actually coaching people 1:1 when you've never worked in that capacity before!

At times I felt scared, overwhelmed and stretched into a million pieces and what got me through it was my spiritual practice.

By incorporating my spiritual practice along side my life coaching studies I was able to clear limiting beliefs and old patterns so that I could become the best coach I could be. 

Beautiful You Coaching Academy

The inner work I did while studying (sprinkled with some manifesting magic) meant I could step through my fears and transition into my new life as a Spiritual Life Coach with ease and grace.

And the result?  

I had multiple paying clients just moments after graduating!

My personal coaching journey and business success is the very reason I developed this special coaching package...

3 Months FREE Spiritual Coaching

Transform into the best coach you can be and kickstart your new coaching business!

A program designed to meet you exactly where you are in your life right now. With skills and techniques that blend seamlessly with your coaching training.

Perfect for new coaches who want to deepen their spiritual connection, step into their full potential and embrace their practice as a sought after Spiritual Life Coach. 

*This program is not about more information but about deep transformation so you can shed what no longer serves you and become the best coach you can be! 


What spiritual coaching will give you:


  • Heightened intuition to attract more of your perfect clients.
  • Accelerated growth and skills as a new life coach.
  • Confidence to step into your new coaching business now.
  • Freedom to shed old patterns and limiting beliefs holding you back. 
  • Manifestation skills to help you attract paying clients, media appearances and business success. 
  • Tools and techniques to share with your clients to help them get real results. 


A preview of some of the things we can cover to enhance your career as a Spiritual Life Coach:



  • Learn powerful manifestation techniques to help you attract paying clients, media appearances and career success.
  • Be given the tools and resources you need to implement manifestation into your own coaching practice.


  • Learn how to develop your intuition, use it to make smart business decisions and give guidance to your clients.


  • Discover how to safely use a pendulum, receive accurate yes/no answers and change the energy around a situation.

Spiritual Practices

  • Learn everything from aura cleansing, grounding, transformational meditation and connection to your spirit guides.

Chakra Work:

  • Discover how to work with your chakras for a deeper spiritual connection and a more abundant and successful life.

What's Included


  • One to one coaching (6 x 1 hour private sessions, held fortnightly) to kickstart your new coaching business.

*Each session includes a combination of: Advanced Manifestation Techniques, Intuitive Healing and Reprogramming of the Subconscious Mind

  • Guidance and support to ensure you feel ready to step into your new life as a coach.

  • Direct email access, when you need that extra accountability.

  • Access to my proven Manifesting tools and techniques to help you shift and transform to your highest self.

Added Bonuses:

  • My popular Manifesting Meditations - Mp3 to access whenever, wherever.   

  • My powerful Full Moon Healing Ritual

  • My Advanced Vision Board Training


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Read all about my experience at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and my success as a Spiritual Life Coach, in the Ebook My First Year as a Coach.


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