6 Steps to make your vision board more powerful

Vision boards are an incredibly powerful manifesting tool. They have the ability to make you focus on your desires and shift your vibration so the things you want can quickly materialise. I have personally used vision boards to manifest: jobs, apartments, a feature on Today Tonight and even my engagement ring!

Over the years I have come up with the following tips to help make your vision boards more powerful:

  1. Make it Believable. Choose images that look like you. By doing this you trick yourself into thinking (and therefore feeling) like it is you. All of the images I use depict women with long dark brown hair and a similar physique to me. On some occasions I have even photoshopped myself into images so it is me!

  2. Keep it Simple. Try and keep your board focused on just one or two manifestations. As they say, where your attention goes, energy flows, so you don’t want it going too many directions at once. Plus you can always make a new one once you've attracted what you want.

  3. Focus on the Feeling. Ask yourself: How will I feel when I get this new relationship/job/apartment? Then, write those feeling words on your board. This will help anchor you to your vision.

  4. Make it Beautiful. Unless you are proud of your creation and it is visually stimulating you’re not going to want to look at it everyday. A trick I use to make my boards more appealing is to choose images that are of similar colours so it has a theme to it. My board at the moment is in shades of: pink, grey and green. It looks beautiful so i am proud to hang it in my bedroom.

  5. Opt for a Hard Copy. While I love using programs like canva, I believe there is power in putting pen to paper, or in this case glue and pen to paper!

  6. Release your Vision. In order to manifest successfully you must be able to detach from the outcome. A great way to do this is to imagine that you are releasing your desires to the universe as you cut and paste each of your images to your board. Hand it over to the Big U! Let it go and let it flow :)

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