Expand Your Capacity For Abundance


Do you ever feel like there's something blocking you from manifesting your desires?

Like the universe has turned the abundance tap off and nothing seems to F L O W.

I know that feeling!

Which is why last year I decided to get intimate with that feeling...

Every time I found myself in a situation when the money stopped flowing I asked myself:

“Where is this feeling coming from?” Where do I feel it residing in my body?”

To my surprise, the answer always came up the same: My heart.

Or more specifically my Heart Chakra.

When I felt into this area I noticed it felt tight and constricted - just like my abundance!

So I came up with an exercise to help me overcome this block and expand my capacity for abundance!

Here’s how you do it….


Step 1. Create a sacred healing space.

You can do this by lighting some candles, burning incense, diffusing essential oils, using crystals or playing some meditation music.

*Please do not skip this step. It's an important part of activating your own healing mechanisms and letting the universe know your intention!


Step 2. Get into a meditative state.

Take several deep breaths and begin to relax each part of your body. Imagine you are calling all of your energy back to yourself. Spend at least 5 minutes doing this.


Step 3. Feel into your heart space.

Draw your attention to your heart chakra which is located in your chest area. Really feel into this space, notice if it feels blocked or restricted.

Now, see your heart chakra as a green spinning disc and imagine all of the blocked energy flying off it like dirt.

With each spin, you can see your heart chakra growing larger, clearer, greener and brighter!

Continue to do this until you start to feel as though all of the blocked energy has been released. 


Step 4. Declare.

Bring awareness to your new E X P A N D E D state and declare to the universe: "I am now open and ready to receive abundance!"


Step 6. Watch the abundance start to flow. 


Each time I practice this exercise I manifest some form of money or abundance that very same day. 


Try it out for yourself and then comment below and let me know what you manifested!


Juliette xx