How To Give Yourself An Energetic Upgrade In 2019


If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I have spent the last few months in hibernation creating a new online Manifesting Course (all while growing a tiny human inside me!).

This time has forced me to grow in ways I have never thought possible.

In short - I had to give myself an energetic upgrade!

And the beautiful thing about getting an energetic upgrade?

Your life upgrades!

This means manifesting more of the things you want, at a much faster rate!

So if you’re interested in manifesting more -  LOVE, ABUNDANCE, JOY & MEANING in 2019 - read below for my tips on giving yourself an energetic upgrade.


  1. Change Your Narrative

If you want to experience an upgrade in your life this year then it is imperative that you consciously start choosing your thoughts and words.

This is because;

The story you keep telling is the life you keep getting!

Whether you realise it or not, your Thoughts and your Words are CREATIVE FORCES going out into the universe and attracting back to you experiences that match them.

So you need to make them WORK FOR YOU!

This manifesting truth is something that I’ve had to take to a whole new level while being pregnant.

You see, while I may have experienced a long list of the “negative” side effects of pregnancy (hello morning sickness, exhaustion, leg cramps, bladder weakness, headaches) they have all been extremely short lived.


Because the story I chose to tell myself (and other people) is that I’ve had an incredibly easy pregnancy!

In fact, if you asked anyone who knows me how my pregnancy has gone they would tell you: “Juliette’s pregnancy had been incredibly easy”, because that is all I have ever said to them.

As a result of consciously choosing my thoughts and words my dominant experience has been an easy pregnancy.

2. Shed the “old” you

If you want to create a different reality for yourself then you need to become a different version of yourself!

And this starts with shedding the old you.

Whenever I want to manifest something new (and upgrade my life), I always spend time decluttering my belongings - removing anything and everything that doesn’t reflect THE PERSON I WANT TO BECOME!

This means going through items like: clothes, handbags, make-up, books, supplements, food in my pantry and so on.

If something doesn’t feel aligned with the person I want to become I either throw it out, sell or donate it.

By doing this I know I am creating energetic space for new things to come!

*A little tip if you have nice clothes you need to get rid of - give them to a women’s organisation! In Australia we have company called “Dress for Success” which empowers women to create independence by helping them with employability.

Giving in this way not only feels good but helps you create more abundance in your own life.

3. Create a Glory Board

One of the things that keeps us from manifesting more of the “good stuff” is not appreciating the “good stuff” enough when it comes.

As humans we are hardwired to always want to focus on our next goal or achievement and, while this has its benefits, it forces us to quickly forget about what we have done and therefore diminishes our level of appreciation.

And it is for this reason that every year my husband and I create (what he so ingeniously named) a Glory Board.

We stick our Glory Boards up near our kitchen and use them to record our achievements, manifestations and successes throughout the year.

By doing this we are constantly in a state of appreciation, focusing on what we have done, not what we haven’t done!

As a result we end up attracting more of the “good stuff” because as you know -

What you appreciate you get more of!

And there you have it - My 3 tips to give yourself an energetic upgrade in 2019!

As always I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

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Juliette xx