A Simple Process To Deal With Setbacks When Manifesting


One of the things that can really bring us down when we’re manifesting is dealing with setbacks and disappointments.

We can go from feeling as high as a kite to down right dreadful in a very short space of time.

And the problem with this is; these setbacks and disappointments often create negative emotions that then effect our ability to manifest.

They take us out of ATTRACTING mode!

So today I want to share with you a simple (yet powerful) exercise from my new manifesting course The Surrender Approach™.

You can use this process anytime you need to:

✔️ QUICKLY drop into a state of SURRENDER,

✔️ RAISE your VIBRATION and,


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A Simple Process To Deal With Setbacks & Disappointments When Manifesting

So first of all, I just want to say that dealing with setbacks and disappointments is completely normal when you’re manifesting - in fact, I have never worked with a private coaching client that didn’t experience them at some stage!

So the problem isn’t really that you get them, it’s HOW YOU DEAL WITH THEM.

Because at the end of the day, if you don’t know how to REALIGN your energy, you’re basically putting yourself into REPELLING rather than ATTRACTING mode.

So, the way that I deal with setbacks and disappointments when manifesting is very simple, and that is to;

See things from a HIGHER-PERSPECTIVE.

You see, when you feel “stuck” it’s because you are seeing things through a LIMITED PERSPECTIVE.

You are looking at the world and your situation through the Ego or the “little version” of yourself.

And what you will find, is that, when you tap into the HIGHER-PERSPECTIVE you;

✔️ INSTANTLY drop into a state of SURRENDER,

✔️ RAISE your VIBRATION and,


To give you an example from my own personal life…

I went on holidays to Bali in June this year, and while I was on holidays I had 9 new clients book me for discovery calls the week I was to return home, but when I got back 8 of them cancelled!

Now naturally this made me feel disappointed.

But rather than stay in that negative energy I instead, went for a walk, and asked myself this question:

“If I was to see this situation from a higher-perspective, why is this happening to me?”

And the answer I received was -

I NEEDED some time and space.

You see, I had been fully booked for months which meant that I was unable to work “ON” my business.

So I actually needed to reduce my client numbers temporarily to work on GROWING my business and take it to the next level.

Furthermore, I also then found out that I was pregnant, and if I had taken those 9 clients on I would not have had the time I needed to rest in my first trimester.

So in the end, the result ended up being that:

Even though I had less clients for a couple of months, I was able to use that time to grow my business, create my online manifesting course The Surrender Approach™ and give my body and baby the downtime it needed.

So you see, when we are able to take ourselves OUT of the limited perspective of the Ego and RAISE OUR CONSCIOUSNESS to hear the HIGHER-PERSPECTIVE we AUTOMATICALLY;

✔️ Drop into a state of SURRENDER,



As always I hope you enjoyed this blog post! -

The processes that I have shared with you today is just one small example of what I teach in my new manifesting course The Surrender Approach™.

If you’re interested in taking your manifesting abilities and spiritual development to new heights then go and check the course out now!

Juliette xx