Manifesting Course

Want to learn the secrets of an Award Winning Manifestation Coach?

Find out how in my brand new online Manifesting Course The Surrender Approach™.

This transformational course will show you exactly how to:

  •  Manifest Love

  •  Manifest Success

  • &

  •  Manifest Abundance

Not by pushing and striving but by finding inner-alignment.


What makes this manifesting course unique?

One thing I found so frustrating when I first began manifesting was the inconsistency in my results.

While I found it easy to manifest in some areas, when it came to the things I really cared about (like manifesting more money, love, success and abundance) they just never seemed to materialise.

And what was so upsetting about being in a situation like this was that I was doing everything I was “supposed” to be doing.

I Was...

  •   Being very clear and specific about what I wanted to manifest.

  •   Focusing on my desires intently.

  •   Taking all the action necessary to make them happen.


But all this did was leave me feeling deflated, depressed and ready to give up on my manifesting altogether

That was until, I discovered The Surrender Approach™.

A method of manifesting that focuses less on pushing and striving and more on finding inner-alignment

When I began manifesting in this way not only did manifesting become consistent but the money, love, success and abundance I desired started to flow to me easily.

  •   A FULLY BOOKED coaching business without spending any money on FB ads or marketing.

  •  Winning the Law Of Attraction Leaders Manifestation Coach of the Year Award.

  •  A World Wide Number 1 Google Ranking for my Manifestation Coaching website.

  •   FREE Round-the-World Business Class Flights.

  •   And, it even helped me manifest falling pregnant on the first try.


Tell me, do you...

  • Want to know what it’s like to manifest money, love, success & abundance with ease?

  • Love the idea of having a manifesting practice that gets REAL consistent results?

  • Feel ready to up your game and take your manifesting to the next level?

The Surrender Approach™ is the perfect manifesting course for you!


So what results can you expect from the course?

Here are just some examples of real life students from The Surrender Approach™ manifesting money, clients, success and unexpected abundance!


The Surrender Approach™ isn’t just another manifesting course, it’s a new way of living, one that enables you to become one with your desires so you no longer need to chase after things, instead they come to you!

Imagine if you could...

  •  Manifest more wealth, success, and abundance in your life.

  •  Heal from your manifesting blocks so your desires flow to you easily and effortlessly.

  •  Finally be able to manifest that one big thing into your life whether that’s your soulmate, passion filled business or financial freedom.




More amazing women who have successfully manifested their soulmate, money, success and abundance as a result my Surrender-Based Approach to manifesting...


I met my soulmate

Since adopting Juliette's manifesting strategies my entire life has changed. I’ve now met my soulmate, manifested the money I needed to launch my dream business, and for the first time - feel happy and fulfilled on every level, in every way. Deciding to invest in myself was literally the best decision I ever made.

- Amie Skilton


I manifested the money to produce my musical video

Two days after one of our sessions, I manifested the money to produce my musical video and all the synchronicities to make it happen!

Working together with Juliette unblocked my self worth, self-confidence and magnetism. My life keeps getting better and better every day.

- Angie Rodriguez


An $18K big-name client!

Before working with Juliette I knew something was blocking me from manifesting the things I wanted and I couldn’t figure out what it was or how to clear it.
Now, I’m so happy to say that after working together I have manifested so many new clients, jobs, and opportunities have started pouring in including an $18k big-name client, which is wild!

- Jessica Estrada


I feel like I have the magic touch!

Since working with Juliette and using her approach to manifesting, I feel like I have the magic touch! I have manifested; my own meetup.com group (with over 150 members), becoming a Beautiful You Life Coach, my first ideal client, a photographer for the perfect price and a love interest who adores me!

- Brandy Lucas