An $18K big-name client!

Before working with Juliette my life and businesses weren’t feeling so hot. I felt very stuck and I wanted to feel in flow once again. I knew something was blocking me from manifesting the things I wanted and I couldn’t figure out what it was or how to clear it.

Now, I’m so happy to say that after working together things are definitely back in flow. I have manifested so many new clients, jobs, and opportunities have started pouring in including an $18k big-name client, which is wild!

I feel like I’m finally standing in my power and living more authentically, fearlessly, and confidently, which has made me crazy magnetic. I am beyond grateful for Juliette’s guidance and support. Life just keeps getting better and better!

- Jessica Estrada http://jessicaestrada.net/


A new job with a 25K pay rise

"Juliette was coaching me before I was even aware of it, which is testament to her authenticity and strength of character. Inherently intuitive, Juliette has a calm nature and is always encouraging and warm. She skillfully applies her enigmatic energy to encourage inspiration and ambition within her clients.

Under her watchful eye I was guided into a series of victories; my car, the development and launch of my very own website, a new job with a 25K pay rise, a long awaited move to a beloved apartment, and to top it off a Louis Vuitton handbag. She is definitely the right life coach for you if you’re ready to work towards a beautiful future, clarity, wholesome love and a meaningful career."

- Jess Mathews www.j-lm.com.au


You have helped change my entire life

"When I first connected with Juliette Kristine, I was looking for financial freedom and independence. I wanted to be doing more of what I love everyday. And, even though I was having so much fun with my friends, I wanted to invite that special someone into my life. I realised that I needed help to find what was blocking me from manifesting my desires. A coach who could help me put in place the steps towards my ultimate goals. A coach who was nurturing yet could keep me on my path to my success. I was ready for change. Ready to live my dream. In three short months you have helped change my entire life. I am so grateful to have had your support and so blessed to have achieved all I have. I cannot wait for the adventures ahead. Bring on our next session! Juliette Kristine, you are the manifestation Queen."

- Eliza St John


Deciding to invest in myself was the best decision I ever made

Since meeting Juliette my entire life has changed.

I never could have imagined it was possible to be living my dream life; the clarity, confidence and self love I have since created has meant that I’ve now met my soulmate, manifested the money I needed to launch my dream business, and - for the first time - feel happy and fulfilled on every level, in every way.

Deciding to invest in myself was literally the best decision I ever made, and Juliette’s coaching has truly been priceless - I can’t thank her enough for her support, guidance and razor sharp (but always gently delivered) intuition.   Thank you Juliette for coaching me so beautifully, gently and expertly to show me that which I most needed to see - and grow from. 

- Amie Skilton www.whatthenaturopathsaid.com

I hit my first savings goal of $10,000! 

"When I first met Juliette, I was struggling with my self-worth, my career, my money and a lack of a good guy in my life! This was my first time working with a coach, I was not sure what to expect. I was hoping for huge changes but deep down wasn’t sure if they were going to be achievable.

Since working together, I now have confidence in my career path, my niche and my skills. Although Mr Right is not here just yet, I’m happier in myself than I have ever been and I realise (thanks to Juliette) that this is the foundation of creating a great relationship.

But my biggest change is my relationship with money! When I started with Juliette I had $100 in my savings account. I have always struggled with money, convinced that any time I saved it I was destined to have something go wrong and lose it. Juliette helped me to work on this blockage and the week we finished our series I hit my first savings goal of $10,000!"

- Alyssa Tasker


I now have a string of new clients for my business!

When I first met Juliette, I was struggling with self-love and confidence. I needed someone to hold me accountable to my limiting beliefs and provide me with a roadmap and solid strategies to do this. Since working together, the biggest change has been that my life is now filled with abundance! I received a pay rise, got a new car, and I’ve finally created an exercise routine which is sustainable and that I enjoy! And to top it all off, with Juliette’s help, I now have a string of new clients for my business!

- Sonya Reynolds www.sonyareynolds.com.au

I am so much happier and others have noticed!

When I first connected with Juliette I was feeling stuck and low having just come out of a break up. I was struggling to think more positively about the future and needed help to shift the negativity out of my life. By the end of our very first session I already felt lighter and more positive. Since working together I am so much happier and others have noticed that I am more confident and I push myself more. The whole experience was healing, fun and amazing! I loved it and did not want it to end! Juliette is a gentle, supportive and non judgemental coach and I feel lucky to have had the experience it with her.

- Rebecca Vild


$5000 towards the build of my new home!

When I began my coaching series with Juliette, I was extremely worried about my financial situation. In our first session together, we worked to create a goal around feeling secure and supported financially, however, I secretly didn't believe that I was going to achieve this. It just seemed impossible. By the end of our coaching series, I could proudly say that I felt secure financially and, I manifested so many things! The most noteworthy being $5000 towards the build of my new home!

I have always been a Type A, perfectionist, 'get it done' type of gal but never have I accomplished so much as I have since working with Juliette. I only wish our coaching series could have continued forever.

Jessica Demunck www.jessicademunck.com


My inner world is significantly calmer, connected and curious

Working with Juliette made me realise how having goals is an integral part of life, and that the best goals are based around self-development. Since working together I am doing things I NEVER would have done prior to my coaching! I have discovered my purpose and can easily connect to my intuition to decide what I really want. As a result my inner world is significantly calmer, connected and curious. If you are at any stage of a self-exploration journey and have entertained the idea of a life coach - do it! Juliette is AMAZING and will change your life in ways you don't even know you needed or wanted. She is a beautiful, gentle and wise soul and you can feel her powerful connection to the universe. I feel very blessed to have had this experienced. Thank you Juliette.

- Suzannah Batty

My life has completely transformed!

When I first contacted Juliette I was at an all time low. I had just returned to work after having had one year off on maternity leave. I was not enjoying my work and as a way to cope, I had started taking antidepressants. I didn't know what else to do but I knew something had to change. I was seeing posts from Juliette Kristine in my Instagram feed and I just thought why not give it a go, what have I got to lose?

I had never worked with a coach before and to be honest I had some trepidation but I hoped it would give me the lift that I needed, to get out of the rut that I found myself stuck in.

Since working with Juliette Kristine my life has completely transformed! I quit my call centre insurance job, came off my antidepressants and found my dream career - Floristry! I feel so much happier now. I am back in touch with my soul's desires and I am a better wife and mother because of it. I definitely got what I was looking for working with Juliette, which was major transformation. This was the best money I've ever spent!

- Catrina Ireland www.instagram.com/catrinairelandflorals


I now believe that I have discovered my life's work!


“When I first reached out to Juliette Kristine I really had no idea where I was trying to go in life. I felt stuck and had no direction. The best part of working together was that I was able to sort through the clutter of my mind. I came in feeling stuck, and not knowing why I was stuck, until Juliette was able to pinpoint exactly what it was, and I was like - that's it!

As a result of our coaching, I now believe that I have discovered my life's work and what it is I am meant to be doing.

I would totally recommend working with Juliette Kristine, wouldn't think twice about it if you're contemplating it. Not only do I feel the changes in myself but my friends can see it as well, I have a completely different energy than I did just three months ago.

- Bhavisha Patel www.instagram.com/labllevee/


I feel so much clearer and more confident now

"When I first started coaching with Juliette I was coming out of the first trimester of my 3rd (surprise) pregnancy. I was struggling to have ANY goals and feeling really low and directionless. By the end of our first session, I had 2 goals that were so intimate and powerful. I felt this vitality and enthusiasm that I hadn't felt in a really long time. From then on, I left every session feeling empowered to take my next steps forward. Juliette’s intuitive coaching style guided me on a journey of self-exploration, allowing me to make shifts within my thinking and behaviors that were amazing. I feel so much clearer and more confident now. Even my partner has seen the changes in me and is amazed at what I've accomplished and how fast I have been manifesting my goals!"

- Tiffany Anderson www.spiritmama.com.au

A simple thank you will never be enough

"Juliette is a fantastic coach. Her energy is extremely warm, uplifting and loving!  She helped me discover myself more and showed me what I am capable of by believing and having a positive mindset.

The most transformational part of working with Juliette was the healing exercises to remove mind blocks. As a result I now have a positive mindset and all negativity vanished out of my life with a snap of a finger! She provides incredible tools and techniques to help you discover the power you have within your mind.

I personally have never worked with a manifesting/life coach before, but I will definitely say that I got lucky choosing Juliette! She was a huge impact in my life and reeled me out of a vicious mental cycle I was in, a simple thank you will never be enough to express my gratitude.”

- Alia Baeira abaeira


The results for me were holistic!

"I was drawn to work with Juliette as I was struggling to find flow in my manifesting and required some past healing to shift into the flow state.

The results for me were holistic! The healing Juliette provided me with opened my intuition and released any fear blocks allowing me to intuitively flow towards the things I need to attract my desires. I have manifested many things, such as helpful people, circumstances and situations very easily as a result of the work we have done together.

The most delightful part of working with Juliette, was her unwavering support, commitment to my desires, and her lightness and humour as she gently guided my along my path. I would definitely recommend Juliette, she is a blessing! I am completely delighted with my transformation.”

- Courtney Clough


A new job, a move and healing past trauma

Juliette is a coach who is not afraid to share her knowledge and who truly wants to assist in the forward momentum of your life. Working with her brought me insight to my true desire and helped me to take action towards what my intuition was telling me in the first place.

Within a short time frame, I manifested moving back to my hometown, a job which hit all the checkboxes on my manifestation list, reconnecting with my tribe, as well as moving forward in healing past family related trauma.  

Since my sessions, my most valuable take-away has been a deep realization that I have the ability to choose - and that the direction of my life is under my control.  With each fulfilled manifestation, I gain more confidence and a stronger belief in the idea that the universe has my back. I feel more confident, optimistic, happiness and joy since working Juliette. She is professional and supportive, with strong communication skills and a really good energy about her. Her intuitive gift is a an added bonus to the experience.

- Patti


Manifested my dream job, healed from a relationship & transformed my relationship with money

Juliette is a very powerful and intuitive coach. She is super kind, understanding and at the same time truth telling (which we really need).


Before working together, I needed someone to help me move through some deep childhood traumas and limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I felt very stuck in my life and in my head. I didn't believe I was able to reach my goals. I needed help to step up my confidence and to unblock myself.

As a result of working together, it became possible for me again to feel deep peace and joy within myself for the first time in a year. I manifested my dream job to support me while I build my business, healed from a relationship that had been a deep wound for me for 2 years, and transformed my relationship with money to attract more of it.
- Maude Trottier www.maudetrottier.com


I feel like I have the magic touch!

"When I first began working with Juliette I needed help with all things "Life Coaching" and getting my energy aligned and attuned to my deepest desires.

Since working together I feel like I have the magic touch! I have manifested; my own meetup.com group (with over 150 members), becoming a Beautiful You Life Coach, my first ideal client, a photographer for the perfect price and a love interest who adores me!

My Favourite part of the coaching experience was Juliette’s belief in me, that I had everything I needed to be a great coach and magical manifestor!

Juliette is spiritual, intuitive, in tune, an encourager, space-holder, big-hearted and generous.

Enough cannot be said about the good of knowing you have someone on your side, rooting for you, believing in you, gently guiding you toward your dream life.

- Brandy Lucas


I manifested the money to produce my musical video!

"I met Juliette in a moment when I felt no matter how hard I worked, I couldn’t manifest my dreams.

She guided me to heal the spiritual root of my sadness, which blocked me from manifesting the career of my dreams.

Two days after one of our sessions, I manifested the money to produce my musical video and all the synchronicities to make it happen!

Working together with Juliette unblocked my self worth, self confidence and magnetism.

Right now I feel so me!!

My life keeps getting better and better every day and I know this is the foundation to achieve other dreams such as finding my soulmate."

- Angie Rodriguez Instagram: rosegmusic