Ready to manifest the life you desire?


Deep down you’re afraid you’re never going to meet someone.

You dream of being able to work for yourself doing something you love.

You wish you had more financial security.


Lets face it, you’re just not where you thought you’d be at this stage of your life.

How do I know?

Because I’ve been there…

I know what it's like to feel like you’re never going to meet “the one”, to be caught in the struggle cycle financially and to be suffering emotionally. On the outside your life might look ok but deep down you’re unhappy and unfulfilled.

It took me a long time (and a lot of working on myself) to manifest the life I have today.

Now it’s my deepest desire to help you do the same.

I am here to coach you, guide you and support you to create the life you want – NOW.

One that’s full of love, abundance and meaning.

Because, you deserve it.

I hit my first savings goal of $10,000! 

"When I first met Juliette, I was struggling with my self-worth, my career, my money and a lack of a good guy in my life! This was my first time working with a coach, I was not sure what to expect. I was hoping for huge changes but deep down wasn’t sure if they were going to be achievable.

Since working together, I now have confidence in my career path, my niche and my skills. Although Mr Right is not here just yet, I’m happier in myself than I have ever been and I realise (thanks to Juliette) that this is the foundation of creating a great relationship.

But my biggest change is my relationship with money! When I started with Juliette I had $100 in my savings account. I have always struggled with money, convinced that any time I saved it I was destined to have something go wrong and lose it. Juliette helped me to work on this blockage and the week we finished our series I hit my first savings goal of $10,000!"

- Alyssa Tasker


I wholeheartedly believe that:

If you want to change your life, you need to change yourself.

So my role as your coach is to help you create real change and transformation from the inside out.

Our work together will ensure you:

  • Get crystal clear on what you want for yourself and your life.
  • Set goals that will light you up and propel you into action.
  • Learn powerful manifestation techniques to help you attract anything you desire: whether it’s a man, money or meaningful career.
  • Focus on developing a loving relationship with yourself and more positive self-talk.
  • Let go of limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behavior that’s been holding you back.
  • Remove anything and everything that no longer serves you.
  • Step through fear and uncertainty so you can experience the fullness of who you are.


because the changes you make will also give you:

  • A newfound sense of purpose, passion and excitement for your life.
  • A deep love and respect for yourself that radiates out to the world.
  • The stability, security and freedom of being an independent, successful women.
  • A feeling of calm and confidence as you step into your full potential.
  • A life filled with joy and appreciation.
  • The inner knowing that you are a powerful creator.

My Approach

They say: a goal without a plan is just a wish and I believe the same thing to be true for manifesting.

Trying to manifest something without taking inspired action is just dreaming!

That’s why I love to combine my skills as a life coach with my knowledge of manifesting to help you get clear about what you want and know just how to get there.

The work I do is intuitive, so I place a strong importance on empowering YOU to connect with your own intuition also.

The coaching environment I create is one where you can feel safe to explore your deepest desires and your darkest fears so we can shine a light on anything holding you back.

All of my coaching packages are designed to meet you exactly where you are in your life right now, so you can shift, change and create what you most want.


Book in an free no obligation call and we can discuss what it is you most want to achieve and how coaching can help.  


Coaching Packages

60 minute Intuitive Guidance Session

You feel stuck, overwhelmed and are lacking clarity in your life. You need guidance, support and a clear action plan to help you move forward.


  • 1 x 60 minute phone session where we will dig deep and discover what’s holding you back from manifesting your hearts desires.
  • A personalised action plan to help you move forward.
  • Intuitive guidance through numerology and oracle cards.
  • Manifesting tools and techniques to help you change your vibration and attract the things you want.
  • Worksheets and resources to help you shift and transform after our session.


3 Month Life Transformation

You are unhappy in more than one area of your life and are ready to start making some big changes. You need support and guidance to help you build the self-love, belief and confidence to step into your full potential and manifest your desires.

Perfect if you want to: find a loving partner, reclaim your relationship with money and carve out a passion filled career or business that you love.


  • 6 x 60 minute phone sessions held fortnightly to keep you on track and moving through any blockages.
  • Unlimited email support between sessions.
  • Intuitive guidance through numerology and oracle cards.
  • Manifesting tools and techniques to help you change your vibration and attract the things you want.
  • Worksheets and resources to help you shift and transform between sessions.

INVESTMENT: $290/month

Not sure if coaching is right for you? Lets chat!

A new job with a 25K pay rise

"Juliette was coaching me before I was even aware of it, which is testament to her authenticity and strength of character. Inherently intuitive, Juliette has a calm nature and is always encouraging and warm. She skillfully applies her enigmatic energy to encourage inspiration and ambition within her clients.

Under her watchful eye I was guided into a series of victories; my car, the development and launch of my very own website, a new job with a 25K pay rise, a long awaited move to a beloved apartment, and to top it off a Louis Vuitton handbag. She is definitely the right life coach for you if you’re ready to work towards a beautiful future, clarity, wholesome love and a meaningful career."

Jess Mathews

You are the perfect coaching client for me if you:

  • Have a strong desire to create change in your life.
  • Are interested in manifestation and want to develop your intuition.
  • Are willing to commit to the coaching process and do the necessary work.
  • Consider yourself to be self-aware.

My coaching style is not for you if:

You are looking for a “quick fix” and hoping to manifest miracles overnight. Creating real change and transformation in your life requires time, commitment and patience.

Think you can’t afford it or it's not the right time?

How much is it going to cost you to continue to be stuck, overwhelmed and lost? Isn’t it likely that if you’ve struggled for this long, that it will likely continue?

Why not invest in yourself now?

Contact me for a Free 30 minute Clarity Call and we can talk about how coaching can help you create the change you desire.