How I went from being broke to fully booked!


*Warning* this is not a post filled action steps on how you can manifest more clients.

This is My Story.

A raw and honest account of how I went from being broke, and house-sitting because I couldn't afford rent, to manifesting a fully booked coaching business.

I am sharing this with you today so you can see that even as a “Manifestation Coach” things have not always been easy for me...

My Story: How I went from being broke to manifesting a fully booked coaching business...


Not that long ago my life was very different…


I was struggling to succeed in a business that was failing, financially I was in LOADS of debt (my credit card was my bank account) and I even took up house-sitting for 18 months because I couldn't afford rent.


I was living in a constant state of fear and anxiety terrified of the thought I would have to give up on my business and go and get a “real job”.


More than anything I wanted to create success for myself and get out of the struggle cycle financially but - no matter how hard I tried - I just ended up getting myself further and further into debt.


But this was A GOOD THING!


Because hitting my #bottom was what enabled me to get serious about using Manifestation and the Law of Attraction to transform my life!


And it did.


I began meditating, listening to my intuition and calling in my desires.


As a result, my life began to change…. I stopped house-sitting, manifested the money I needed to pay off my debt, moved into my own apartment, and got engaged to my soulmate!


Finally, I began to experience life with more ease.


It was at this point (*excited about the changes I had made!), that I decided I wanted to help other women transform their lives with manifestation the same way I did!


So, I became a Manifestation Coach. 


The problem was…


*And this is the part not many people know about*


Even though I was very good manifesting and, helping my clients manifest amazing things like cars, cash and new careers, I was struggling to manifest the success I desired in my own business (*the raw honest truth!).


Yes, I had clients but my business wasn’t thriving the way I wanted it to!


Intuitively I KNEW there had to be something blocking me from manifesting success in this area of my life.


There had to be a reason WHY it was SO EASY for me to manifest in OTHER AREAS of my life and help MY CLIENTS MANIFEST MONEY and SUCCESS - BUT -

I was STILL struggling in this area myself!


So I did some digging and what I discovered was that it was my Subconscious Beliefs that were holding me back.


You see Subconsciously I believed:

I wasn't good enough to be successful.

Money doesn't come easily.

I needed to struggle to get things done.

*And these BELIEFS were EXACTLY why I struggled so much in my first business!*

Once I understood what what holding me back I went in search of healing techniques that could reprogram the Subconscious Mind.


That's when discovered a technique called Theta Healing.


I began applying this method my life quickly changed!




I went from a few clients to FULLY BOOKED (*without spending any money on FB Ads or Marketing!)

My website hit the Number 1 Google ranking for Manifestation Coach.

I won the LOA Leaders Manifestation Coach of the year award!

Making Money became EASY and FUN.

My Intuition SKYROCKETED and MIRACLES began to appear.


Finally, I believed:

I was successful.

Making money was easy.


I didn't need to struggle to get things done.


Needless to say, I went on to study Theta Healing and now use it in my coaching.


Now, what’s important to mention about my story is....


I took NO ACTION in these 3 months!

I didn't blog more, hustle or spend money on advertising!



Was work on healing and transforming my limiting beliefs and,


My life changed to reflect my NEW BELIEFS and my NEW VIBRATION!


This is WHY I am SO passionate about the work that I do!


Because I KNOW, firsthand, how TRANSFORMATIVE it can be when you discover what's blocking you from manifesting your desires!

Whether its: Money, Love, Success or Abundance your after - know that the key isn't about taking MORE ACTION its about aligning yourself with your desires so they can EFFORTLESSLY MANIFEST!


I hope you enjoyed this post and that by me sharing my story with you (the highs and lows) you will be able to see what's possible for you too! 


Juliette xx


PS If reading my story made you realise that you have something blocking you from manifesting your desires - take a look at my coaching packages. 

The work I do uses a combination of: Advanced Manifestation Techniques, Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind and Intuitive Healing to help you create real change and transformation from the inside out!