3 Reasons why your manifesting isn’t working



As a Manifestation Coach I get asked this question (a lot):

Why isn’t my manifesting working?

Now, as much as everyone is unique and has their own set of challenges in this area, I have found that the reason your manifesting isn’t working is usually quite simple.


In fact, more often than not, the one thing that is preventing you from manifesting your desires is usually staring you right. in. the. face. and, can be corrected quite easily.

In order to help you on your manifesting journey, I have narrowed these things down to:

3 Reasons Why Your Manifesting Isn’t Working!


Reason 1:

You’re going too big too quickly


So the first, and most common reason I see why people's manifesting isn't working, is that they go too big too quickly!

They learn about the law of attraction and believe that they can pick any goal or object and think about it long enough and it will magically appear.

The #problem with this is, that they actually don’t BELIEVE it’s possible. And what this does, is cause a disruption in their vibration and prevent their desires from manifesting.

An example of this would be someone who earns $100k a year salary and wants to manifest themselves into becoming a millionaire in the next 12 months.

While IT IS POSSIBLE, (and kudos to you if you can make it happen), usually a jump this big just isn’t BELIEVABLE and therefore causes you to worry and stress about your desires.


And, the problem with this is:


You need to BELIEVE it in order to RECEIVE it!


That is why going too big too quickly is such a common reason your desires aren’t manifesting.

As someone who works as a Manifestation Coach, my advice is always to:

start small.

If you earn $100k a year salary, and you are new to manifestation, begin by trying to manifest a $20k pay rise.

This should be relatively easy to do (if you know how to get yourself into vibrational alignment) and, what will happen is it will STRENGTHEN your BELIEF in the process!

And this new belief you have in the process of manifestation will then act as a stable foundation for you to go and manifest an even bigger pay rise next time!

That’s why starting small is key to becoming a great manifestor!


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Reason 2:

You’re not taking any action


The second most common reason I see why people’s manifesting isn’t working is that they aren’t taking any action.

Or more specifically, they aren’t taking any inspired action.

You see, manifesting is a 2-way street.

Once you put your desires out into the universe (and bring yourself into vibrational alignment with them), you then need to take inspired action!

And this will always come in the form of an intuitive impulse.

The morning that you wake up with an inspired idea to ask for a pay rise, start a blog or contact that old friend who has been on your mind, IS THE TIME TO TAKE ACTION!

This is your signal from the universe that your desires are manifesting and all you need to do is take that first step!

But so often people don’t.

Instead, they wait.

And what happens when you wait is, the moment passes you by and you end up back at square 1.

This is why not taking action is such a key reason why your desires aren’t manifesting!

What you need to do is strike while the inspiration is HOT!



Reason 3:

You’re trying too hard

The third, and last reason, I see why people’s manifesting isn't working is that they are trying too hard!

What I mean by that is they want it too much.


They are being desperate.


And what happens when you are desperate is that you start to echo a vibration of lack.

Instead of saying to the universe:

“I want my desire and I believe it’s coming!”

You are saying:

“I need it, I have to have it, where is it!”

In this instance, the universe works much like the dating world...


Your desires simply won’t be attracted to you when you’re acting #needy #desperate!


That’s why trying too hard is such a common reason why you’re desires aren’t manifesting!

Instead, you need to find a way to RELAX and be easy about the whole thing!

Be gentle on yourself.

Find fulfillment in your life without needing your desires to manifest.

You will then find the whole process a lot easier!


And thats it!


The 3 reasons why your manifestations aren't working!


I hope you enjoyed this blog post!


If you have any questions for me about this topic, just pop them in the comments below, I would be happy to answer them.


Juliette xx


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