Highlights from my Magical Wedding


At 11.30am on June 22nd 2017, I married the love of my life at Jonah’s Restaurant in Whale Beach Sydney.

It was the happiest and most magical day of my life.

Here are some of the highlights...


The Venue

The minute David and I visited Jonah’s at Whale Beach we knew we wanted to get married there. The view is simply breathtaking, the food delicious and the staff amazing! We were even assigned our own wedding planner which made the whole experience so much easier!


Our Spiritual Vows

This particular part of the wedding was very important to me. I saw our vows as an opportunity to express our view of marriage in the most sacred way.

David and I both believe that marriage isn’t about looking to the other person to ‘complete’ you. Rather, that marriage is an opportunity to lift each other's lives to the highest potential in the knowing that you are already complete.

With that belief in mind and our mutual love of the book Conversations with God we recited the following vows:

“I take you to be my wife/husband with the knowing that everything I need in life; all the love, wisdom, compassion and strength already resides within me, and I am not marrying you in the hopes of getting these things but in the hopes of giving you these gifts so that you may have them in even greater abundance.”

Needless to say there were lots (and lots) of tears.


The Gigantic Whale

The biggest surprise of all on the day would have to be the gigantic whale that appeared directly behind us as we said our vows.

I believe spirit is always sending us signs, and this whale was a sign from my mum who has passed. I knew she would make herself known on the day and she certainly did.

My Husbands Speech

Seeing my husband shed tears during his speech reminded me of the beauty of authenticity. I looked at him with such awe because I was admiring him for being so real. There is something so captivating about a person who is not afraid to speak their heart and express their emotions. I will never forget this moment. 


My Custom Dress

I was so so lucky to have my dear friend Michael Lo Sordo custom make my dress for me. Being able to wear something that was made especially for me was an incredible feeling. Michael is such a talented designer and we had so much fun in the process. My dress is something I will keep forever and hopefully (one day) be able to give to my daughter. 


Hair, Makeup & Flowers

I think every bride is always a little nervous of how everything will come together on the day.

I was so lucky to have chosen such incredible people for my hair, makeup and flowers.

Makeup by Leah and Courtney Hurst made me look and feel so beautiful while Ivy and Rose created my dream bouquet!

I am eternally grateful to these lovely ladies! 


The Cake

Our caramel wedding cake was so delicious I am still dreaming about it! 

David and I were so pleased with how it turned out and its all thanks to Hannah at Gracious Honey!


The Photographs

We didn't have a videographer so it was really important we got some amazing photos to remember the day. 

We were lucky enough to have great weather, lighting and an amazing photographer (AKR photography) to capture everything!

I am so thankful I have so many incredible snaps!


And Lastly....

Manifesting FREE Round-the-world Business Class Flights

Just when we thought our wedding couldn't get any better we manifested FREE round-the-world Business Class Flights for our honeymoon to Europe. 

Needless to say, this was such a highlight in and of itself, I have decided to dedicate a whole blog post to it...

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As always I would love to hear from you!

Do you have any magical moments from your own wedding?

Or, do you need any advice for manifesting your dream wedding?

Comment below and tell me all about it!