How I Manifested FREE Business Class Flights!


I must admit, this has been one of the most exciting blog posts I’ve ever written!

Not just because I’m a Manifestation Coach that ended up manifesting the next best thing to lotto - FREE Round-the-World Business Class Flights - but, because through this experience I am able to Inspire YOU!

I am SO incredibly passionate about the topic of manifestation/law of attraction because it's REAL and it has the power to create miracles in your life - if you would just let it!


And what kind of a Manifestation Coach would I be if I wasn’t practicing everything that I teach AND seeing the physical evidence of it everywhere?

Not a very good one!


Now for the juicy details…


How I Manifest FREE Round-the-World Business Class Flights


On Friday June 23rd 2017 (the day after my Wedding!) My husband and I received a phone call from our travel agent saying that the system had crashed, we lost the tickets for our honeymoon AND would now be flying Business Round-the-World for FREE!


Some might call this a #bankerrorinyourfavour but not me.


Because I understand that we live in a universe governed by the law of attraction that states:

"That which is like unto itself is drawn".

And this “miracle” that occurred was just the good old universe responding to my signal!

When I look back at the months leading up to this event I can pinpoint exactly what steps I took that lead to this happening.

And, because I want you to experience flying business for FREE or something equally as good I am going to outline them for you below:


Step 1: Ask

You know the saying “you don't ask, you don't get”?

Well, the same thing is true about manifesting.

*On a deeper energetic level we are always asking the universe for what we prefer but that doesn't mean there is not tremendous power in declaring it!

My husband and I often had the conversation of how we would like to fly Business Class - for FREE.


This conversation usually took place while we were crammed in Economy seats on a budget airline.


Most people would just sit there complaining, but not us. We chose to focus on where we wanted to be instead - flying Business for FREE (obvi)!


This is manifesting 101:


Removing your attention from your current reality and placing it on what you want to create.

*If you need help with this grab a copy of my Free Mini Manifesting Ritual.


So many people would not even bother having a conversation about flying Business for Free because they feel it is impossible or too far out of reach, but the truth is:

"If you aren't open to the infinite possibilities of the universe, you won't be able to manifest much of anything!"


My advice is to start dreaming (and start talking) about the amazing things you would like to see manifest in your life.

Because the minute you begin talking about it, it the minute you activate a vibration within you to receive it.


It's that simple.

Step 2: Get into the feeling space

The second most important step I took to Manifest these tickets was get into the feeling space.

This bit is très importante because it's how you become an energetic match to your desire!

Here’s how I did it:

1. I created a powerful vision board (using my 6 Step Process) which depicted LOTS of photos of luxury travel and images that made me feel abundant.

2. My husband and I spent time googling different airlines to see what their business class sections were like.


That's right, we didn't just talk about it we acted “as if”!


*This is a great way to imagine (and feel) like you are flying business and at the same time declare to the universe: this is what is going to happen!


3. Affirmations - at the beginning of the year I began reciting the following affirmations: “I am a winner”, “Money comes to me easily and effortlessly”, “I live a luxury life”.

We all know the power of affirmations but they don't work unless you work them - so work them!

4. I began applying something called the “Law of Incremental Upgrades”. An amazing process created by mega manifestor Denise Duffield-Thomas.


In her words: “The Law of Incremental Upgrades states that taking small but symbolic steps to upgrade your life is always exponentially rewarded by the Universe.”


In a nutshell, you take things that make you feel Economy Class such as: your old daggy undies, cracked iPhone screen, microwave from the 70’s, blown out sneakers and start slowly replacing them with items that make you feel Business or First Class.

When you do this you begin to feel more abundant.

And what happens when you feel abundant?

You attract more abundance!


Step 3: Receive

Finally, the last thing I did was get into receiving mode.

Even though this sounds like a relatively easy step, it's actually the hardest part about manifesting and the reason so many people don't see results.

Let me explain why…

Our Subconscious Mind is running the show.

This means that if our conscious mind wants to manifest something awesome but we have a subconscious belief that it's not possible - it's never going to show up.

Sadly, we are all running around with subconscious programs and limiting beliefs that we adopted from our parents, teachers, and siblings before the age of 6.

Here’s a few you might recognise:

Money doesn't grow on trees.

There’s not enough money to go round.

I don't deserve to be wealthy.

It's hard to make a living.

I knew I had limiting beliefs preventing me from manifesting money and abundance so I did x 2 things to transform them:

1. I worked with my own coach around wealth consciousness and money mindset.

Even though I had previously done some of this work on my own I found it much more powerful with a coach. She was able to help me recognise when my subconscious mind was trying to intervene and prevent me from changing - hello self-sabotaging behaviour!


2. I had a lot of spiritual and energetic healing done to help me transform my negative beliefs and release any deep-seated emotional blocks that were keeping me stuck.  


This bit was a total game changer for me.


Not just because of the flights but because it impacted so many areas of my life…

Since doing the healing work I’ve become a bit of a “Mega Manifestor”. Things just seem to flow so much easier now and I’m finding I don't have to work as hard.

Needless to say, I am so impressed with the results from combining healing and coaching work I am now introducing it into my own coaching practice.

I will be now be using a combination of Theta Healing and Life Coaching to help my clients transform their negative beliefs so they can live with more ease and flow #exciting!


And thats it!


The 3 steps that I used to manifest FREE Round-the-World Business Class Flights!


I hope you enjoyed this blog post and even more so, I hope it inspired you!


Now, I would love you to complete Step 1 by commenting below and telling me something you want to manifest!!!


Juliette xx



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