How I Manifested Over $4k In Free Items - In Just 7 days!

How Juliette Kristine quickly manifested over $4,000 in just 7 days - proof that manifesting really does work!

If you’ve ever asked yourself the question:

Does manifesting really work?

I’ve got a story that proves - it does.

How I Manifested Over $4k in Free Items - IN JUST 7 DAYS!

(Proof Manifesting Works!)

If you’ve been following me for a while then you might be aware that earlier this year I launched a manifesting course called The Surrender Approach™.

Now, what you won’t know is that, a couple of weeks ago I reached out to my students in The Surrender Approach™ to tell them that;

I was going to do my course - myself.

The reason I decided to do this was because, I had a baby earlier this year and I really felt it was time to step-up, come out of my mumma hood bubble, and start manifesting some things for me.

And, not only that but, (with all of the challenges being a new mum brings) I really wanted to be able to give my students a “behind the scenes” look at how I apply the knowledge from my course in my own life.

Now, as “relaxed” as this all sounds - it did not feel “relaxed” at all.

And this is because; what I was really doing was E X P O S I N G myself.

Putting my dreams and manifestations out there for everyone to see while declaring:


Now, you might be thinking…

But you’re a Manifestation Coach so that should be easy for you!

And what I have to say to you is this;

Yes, I am a Manifestation Coach who has manifested some incredible things like: Free round-the-world Business Class Flights, My Soulmate, Awards, Money to pay off my debt, A Fully Booked Coaching Business and more.


These were things that I taught about AFTER they had manifested.

So now I must ask you;

How many Manifestation Coaches do you know that actually declare (in front of everyone) what they want to manifest and then go after it?

Not many.

And this is because, it’s not a common thing to do, because it means putting your skills to the test in front of everyone!

And it is for this very reason that, deciding to do my course - myself - brought with it a lot of fear.

Fear that my manifesting wouldn’t work…

But it did!

In fact, just 7 days after I completed the first module of my course I manifested over $4,000 in FREE items!

Here’s exactly what happened…

One of the first things that I teach in my manifesting course is that;

In order for manifesting to work, you need ALIGNMENT and BELIEF.

*Alignment with what you’re asking for and belief in the manifesting process.

Now, the way in which I teach my students to find ALIGNMENT and strengthen their BELIEF is by creating a vision board (using my specific methods) and play a “game” with the universe to -

Manifest FREE things!

So, on Monday 26th August I created my vision board, revealed it to my students and started playing the “game” myself.

Here’s what I manifested as a result…

Shortly after I completed my vision board, I checked my inbox (and to my surprise) there was an email informing me I had a FREE Movie Ticket!

The next day, I received my weekly meat delivery order from the butcher and again (to my surprise) there was a FREE Steak!

Later on that week, I spoke to a Business Coach who (completely out of the blue) offered me free coaching sessions in exchange for some manifestation help. So I’m getting FREE Business Coaching Sessions!

Then, on Father’s Day, my husband went to his parents house and again (completely out of the blue) they told him they were going to buy us a new pram - so we are getting a FREE Pram!

Then, I went to breakfast with my hubby to discuss taking a trip up north and when I returned home to check my credit card points balance it turns out -

I have EXACTLY enough points to cover the entire trip from car hire, accommodation and flights. So we are getting a FREE Holiday!

Lastly, just when I thought the week couldn’t get any better, my husband and I decided to order pizza and reflect on all the incredible manifestations.

You’ll never guess what happened…

When my husband answered the door for the pizza, the pizza delivery guy said:

“Oh, by the way sir, we have included a Free Pizza and Free Chocolate Mousse for you!”.

Needless to say that we both cracked up laughing and said:

“Thanks Universe!”

Now, if that’s not proof that manifesting really does work - I don’t know what is!

If you want to learn how to do this in your own life -

I have just made the training I did for my manifesting course students available - for FREE!

Powerful Vision Board Training

This training will show you exactly how I created my vision board and the “game” I played to manifest over $4,000 worth of Free items in just 7 days.

Click here to access the training: Powerful Vision Board Training.

And, as always I would love to hear from you!

Once you have completed the Powerful Vision Board Training, tell me in the comments below what FREE items you manifest!

Juliette xx