4 Steps To Manifest Money - FAST

Learn how to manifest money fast in 4 steps.

We have all had moments where money (or lack there of it) occupies the forefront of our mind.

And what is even more troubling about being in a situation like this is;

When we are stressed and anxious about money we actually lower our vibration and make it harder to RECEIVE money!

Manifesting money isn’t something that has always come easily to me, in fact, it was an area of my life I struggled with a lot (you can read more about my money story here).

But what my troubled times of being broke gave me, was the ability to learn how to SHIFT my energy and vibration to attract money so that today I can help others do the same.

So here is my 4 Step Formula for changing your energy around money to attract it quickly:


How to Manifest Money - FAST!


Step 1.

Evaluate ALL areas of your life.

When the universe has turned the abundance tap off you can be sure it will get your attention! And in my opinion it’s usually because there is an area of your life that you have been neglecting.

You see, money is just energy, and it responds to your vibration as a whole, this means if you have issues in your health or relationship it a can actually affect your ability to manifest money.

As a Manifestation Coach I see this a lot with my clients.

They come to me wanting to attract more money into their experience, and what I pick up from them intuitively, is that their issue isn’t around money at all, its actually related to some other aspect of their life.

And the problem with this is;

ALL the manifesting tools and tricks in the world won’t work if you’ve got energetic blockages in your life!

So the first step you need to take in order to Manifest Money - FAST is to make sure the energy is moving and circulating in ALL areas of your life!

Look at your life as a WHOLE and examine where the energy is STUCK or STAGNANT and then get that energy moving again!


Step 2.

Raise your vibration.

The second thing you must do in order to Manifest Money - QUICKLY, is to raise your vibration.

When you are in a funk and constantly stressed and worried about money, you are not in the vibrational realm to be able to RECEIVE money!

You need to be able to raise your energetic frequency to one that matches money and abundance.

The best ways to raise your vibration are as follows:

✔︎ Eat high vibrational foods.

*Limit alcohol and junk foods that lower your vibration.

✔︎ Exercise

✔︎ Dance, Sing or Listen to music.

✔︎ Do things that make you laugh and are fun!

✔︎ Reprogram your subconscious mind with positive affirmations.

✔︎ Implement a gratitude practice.

✔︎ Use a process like my FREE Mini Manifesting Ritual.



Step 3.

Brainstorm all the ways you can start making money - NOW!

So often when we feel stressed about money (and we need it quickly), the stress is actually coming from our perceived lack of control about the situation.

But, in truth we actually DO have control over the situation.

We can all find ways to attract money, even when it seems nearly impossible!

That’s why step number 3 is to brainstorm all the ways you can start making money - NOW!

What this exercise does is take the focus OFF the lack of money and put it ON your ability to earn money.

Even if you did not take ANY action from your list you still would have taken an energetic LEAP to attracting more money.


Because, you will no longer feel as though you have no control around money.

You will realise that there are LOTS of ways you can bring money in and what this will do is allow you to STOP STRESSING about money and OPEN your energy up to RECEIVE more of it!

All of a sudden, just by completing this simple exercise, you would have shifted your vibration from negatively to positively focused!

Examples of how to make money quickly:

✔︎ Sell something - old clothes, furniture, electronics etc

✔︎ Contact old clients to see if they need to repurchase -

*Existing clients are a great way to create new revenue because they a) already enjoy using your product or service and b) they know, like and trust you!

✔︎ Apply for temp or contract work.

✔︎ Collect money from people who owe it to you!

✔︎ Cash in unused vouchers, gift cards and lottery tickets.

# Bonus points for you if you take action on your list - NOW!

Not only will this bring you money, but it will activate the flow of abundance in your experience so it will be easier to manifest money from other unexpected sources!


Step 4.

Drop in and receive.

The final step to Manifest Money - FAST is to drop in and receive, and what I mean by that is - pay attention to your intuition and what it is guiding you to do!

So often when we are trying to manifest something new into our experience, we get so caught up in our thinking mind, that we forget to drop in and connect with our intuition.

The problem with this is -

Your intuition is KEY to being able to successfully manifest.


Because your intuition is like your internal GPS, constantly alerting you to what action you need to take in order  to manifest your desires.

And although the Fast Money Manifesting Tips I gave you in step 3 are great for the short term, if you want to get yourself into a position financially where you aren’t always stressing about money you need to start listening to your inner guidance and FOLLOWING IT!

The best way I have found to do this is by a regular meditation practice.

This can be as simple as spending a few moments each day quieting your mind, placing your hand over your heart and asking:

What is it, I need to do, to create more money and abundance in my life?

After you have asked the question you then -

Stop, Wait, and Listen.

This is when you give your intuition the space it needs in order to be heard!

This is also when you will find you get that flash of insight about the next product you need to launch, blog to write or business to start.

And, it will be the idea that PAYS OFF!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and that by actioning these steps you can start Manifesting More Money - Today!

As always, I would love to hear from you...

Tell me what actions you are going to take to attract money?

Juliette xx