3 Reasons I LOVE Mercury Retrograde - & How You Can Too!

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde - Yes, it’s that time of year again.

Now, you would think, being a Gemini that I would despise this time (given it’s my ruling planet and all) but actually, that’s not the case. 

In fact, I have come to LOVE and even THRIVE during Mercury Retrograde and I’ll explain why…

I know.

I create.

My reality.

It’s that simple.

You see, the way I see it is that, I can CHOOSE to focus on all the potentially “bad” things that could go wrong during Mercury Retrograde (hello flight cancellations, frozen computer screens, and miscommunications to send you crazy) or, I can CHOOSE to focus on all the blessings that this period brings.

What are these blessings you ask?

Keep reading to find out…

3 Reasons Why I LOVE Mercury Retrograde -

& How You Can Too!

Reason 1: Productivity 

Yes, you read that correctly. I am my most productive when Mercury is in Retrograde. 

But how you ask?

Because whenever this beautiful planet goes into reverse it also gives us the OPPORTUNITY to go back ourselves. 

What do I mean by go back? 

Go back and FINISH old projects.

You see, MR is not a time to start NEW things, rather it’s a time to ‘COMPLETE’ all of your unfinished business. 

And if you’re anything like me, that means, FINALLY completing all those projects you gave up on because resistance got the better of you. 

This is why, whenever I know Mercury is about flea in the opposite direction, I take a second to plan out what actions I intuitively FEEL need my love and attention to get finished.

And that’s exactly what I do - FINISH THEM!

So what am I up to this MR?

✔️ I am going back over my old (and outdated) welcome email series to

B R E A T H new life into it.

✔️ Completing a (half-done) sales page for my website. 

✔️ Refreshing some old marketing materials with new photos.

And you know what? 

Nothing feels more satisfying that getting those little things done you know in the back of your mind you really should” do.

And not only that but, from a manifestation point of view, there is tremendous POWER in completing things, because every time you ‘COMPLETE’ something what you’re really doing is making a declaration to the universe that you BELIEVE in what you are doing.

You are in a sense, backing yourself for success!

*I would also like to mention here that although MR is a great time to ‘COMPLETE’ things its not a great time to launch them. For more information about this (and Mercury Retrograde dates for 2019) check out Astrologer Susan Miller’s post: Everything you need to know about Mercury Retrograde.

Reason 2: Connection

The second reason I LOVE Mercury Retrograde is that it’s the perfect time to RE-CONNECT with people.

This is often a time when you will (unexpectedly) run into an old friend or hear from an ex lover. Because MR is all about bringing things back from the past.

But rather than leave these things to chance, I like to use this time to CONSCIOUSLY re-connect with people.

During this time I make an effort to:

✔️ Check-in with old clients to say hello. 

✔️ Rekindle business relationships I feel aligned with.

✔️ And lastly, to reach out to old friends I haven’t seen in forever.

Doing these 3 things always leads to something positive.


Because it’s not always about making NEW connections and relationships, sometimes it’s about appreciating the ones that already exist.

Reason 3: Bring Back The Old.

The last reason I love MR season is that - everything that’s old is new again!

This is exactly why you - all of a sudden - find yourself OBSESSED with 90’s RNB again, as if you’d never heard it before.

That’s why this is my FAVOURITE time to listen to old music and enjoy things that once gave me so much joy.

Again, it’s not always about looking for something NEW to make you happy, sometimes it’s about appreciating the old and giving it a chance to REVIVE itself.

Last MR that involved me listening to old school house music, watching movies like Overboard with Goldie Hawn and eating sour gummy bears.

I would also like to mention here that, MR is also about S L O W I N G down. So there’s no need to feel guilty about taking time out to watch old movies and eat gummy bears!

In fact, we NEED these period of rest and rejuvenation in order to help give us the energy and insight required to take action at a later date.

Learning to appreciate these moments will help you live with more FLOW and become a better manifestor!

In closing…

Mercury Retrograde doesn’t have to be a negative occurrence you dread 3-4 times per year. 

It can be a time for you to THRIVE!

It’s all about how you CHOOSE to see it.

And the more you CHOOSE to see it as a wonderful, positive time, full of opportunities, the more you will create that type of experience for yourself.






Juliette xx

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