Can You Jinx Your Manifesting? 


If you’ve ever wondered if you have “jinxed” something, then it’s likely you’re the type of person to say touch wood” or even throw salt over your left shoulder from time to time.

And while according to the Oxford Dictionary the term “Jinx” means: a person or thing that brings bad luck, when we use the term in conjunction with manifesting we are usually referring to the fact that we believe we have sabotaged our manifesting efforts as a result of talking about them. 

Or, in other words - 

We believe that if we tell people about our desires (before they happen) they will become “jinxed” and therefore never materialise.

So, can you jinx your manifesting?

I believe the first place to start when answering this question is to turn inward and ask yourself;

Why do I feel like I am jinxing my manifestation when I talk about them in the first place?

If you’re having a hard time answering I will give you a hint... 

You feel that way because your intuition is trying to tell you something! 

So why would your intuition be warning you not to talk about your manifestations? 

The best way to answer is to think about your desires as if they were a new baby in the womb

You don’t go telling people about your new baby while it’s still developing, instead you wait 3 months when its further developed and out of its fragile stage.

And that’s exactly how you need to treat your manifestations.

In order for your desires to develop fully you need to KEEP THEM QUIET

The reason being is that; 

When you go telling every man and his dog about what you’re trying to manifest what you’re actually doing is - INVITING IN - all of these comments and opinions about your manifestation when its still in its fragile state.

When it’s still developing!

And the problem with this is; it’s actually not just your desire that’s in a fragile state, its YOU also. 

And this is the REAL reason people jinx their manifesting.

Because when you first decide you want to manifest something, there is usually a part of you that’s not 100% certain of your creation (even if you don’t consciously realise it). 

This is the time in the manifestation process where your doubts and fears are most likely to bubble to the surface. 

These include thoughts such as:

“Will this business idea even work?”

“Will I ever be able to manifest my soulmate or am I doomed to be single forever?

And here’s the thing;

If you go telling your next door neighbour that;

You’re going to launch a new business! 


You’re going to hire a matchmaker to find your one true love! 

And they respond with their own negative opinion of that idea such as;

“Don’t you know 9 out of 10 business fail in the first year?”. 


“My friend hired a matchmaker and it was a complete waste of time”.

Hearing these comments can NEGATIVELY affect your manifesting efforts as it will often cause you to doubt your creation even more. 

As a result, this doubt will then cause a DISRUPTION in your vibration and prevent what you want from materialising.

And often, this is exactly what does happen. 

Because YOU are not 100% certain of your desire it is reflected back to you in the opinions of others. 

This is why I always recommend that you keep your manifestations a secret 🤫.

Treat them like a new baby in the womb.

And as for when you can “spill the beans” on your creation?

My advice...

Wait until you are in a place energetically where you feel so STRONG and STABLE about what you are creating that NOTHING anyone can say, or do,  will make you feel otherwise!

Juliette xx

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