How To Find Alignment When You're Manifesting


How To Find Alignment When You're Manifesting.


If you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen me post about how I was fortunate enough to be featured in the amazing Sunday Life Magazine on the weekend after contributing to an article on Abundance.


But what you wouldn’t know, is that being featured in Sunday Life Magazine was actually something that I DESPERATELY tried to manifest many years ago, in my first, product-based business.


And what’s amazing about this story is that, all these years later, I find myself having manifested myself into Sunday Life Magazine and I didn’t even have to approach them.


Instead a journalist contacted me and asked to interview me on the topic of Abundance and, the article the ended up being published in Sunday Life Magazine!


And, the reason I am sharing this story with you is because -




When you find alignment with your manifestations you no longer have to chase after the things you want - instead they come to you!


So, how do you find alignment when you’re Manifesting?


I believe there are 3 key things you MUST do in order to find alignment when you’re manifesting.


1. Make sure you are following your higher-path or purpose


When I am coaching my clients I always try and get them to see beyond ego-based manifestations and tap into what it is their heart and soul really wants to manifest.

Because, when you are following your higher-path and purpose you are in ALIGNMENT with what your soul is here to do this lifetime.

And that’s when you find that life gets easier and things actually start to get done for you!



2. Check your subconscious limiting beliefs

If you have limiting beliefs around money, success or self-worth you will not be in alignment with what you’re trying to manifest because you won’t BELIEVE you can have it!

That's why identifying your subconscious limiting beliefs and transforming them is key to finding alignment!



3. Surrender


Lastly, you need to be able to surrender your desires to the universe.

You CANNOT be attached to your manifestations and expect them to appear!

This is because your very attachment to your desire means that you NEED that thing to fulfil something within you, that you can't already fulfil yourself. 


When I look back at my previous (failed) attempts to get featured in Sunday Life Magazine - it is very clear to me why it did not happen.


1. I was completely out of alignment with my higher-path and purpose.

2. I was filled with limiting subconscious beliefs around money and success.

3. I was living from such a place of lack and scarcity that I was DEEPLY attached.


If you fall into any one of the above categories then I urge you to take care of that thing first.

Because, when you do, you will find you will be able to bring yourself into vibrational alignment so the things you want can effortlessly manifest!


If you are struggling to find alignment with your manifestations and need help: finding your higher-path or purpose, overcoming limiting beliefs or surrendering your desires to the universe - check out my Manifesting with Soul coaching program.


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Juliette xx