A Simple Process To Strengthen Your Intuition


Out of all the things I have learnt on my manifesting journey, developing a strong intuition has (by far) been the most important!

You see, if you desire to take your manifesting to the next level - YOU NEED A STRONG INTUITION!

This is because your intuition is like your internal GPS, constantly alerting you to the very next step that you need to take in order to make your desires manifest!

You just need to follow it!

Developing a strong intuition doesn't have to be difficult, in fact, the process I use takes just a few minutes.

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Process To Strengthen Your Intuition & Use It To Lead Your Daily Life


Step 1. Meditate

You don’t need to meditate for hours a day to become more intuitive but some meditation is necessary.

This is because meditation allows you to quiet the thinking mind and therefore, hear your intuition more easily!

My advice is to start with where you’re at.

If you’re completely new to meditation then begin with a simple 5 minute guided meditation (there are plenty of apps available for this!).

Or, if you’re a more seasoned meditator, then carry on with your usual practice.


Step 2. Connect with your inner guidance

After you’ve finished meditating, and your mind is nice and quiet, close your eyes, place your hand on your heart, and ask:

“What is the One Thing that I need to do today to make my desires manifest?”

Then -

Stop. Wait. Listen.

Look out for your intuition’s response. It is always a simple and clear answer and will usually come in the form of a feeling.

Some examples might be:

✔️ Write that blog post.

 ✔️Reach out to that old client.

✔️ Treat yourself to a massage!

✔️ Move on from that person.


Step. 3 Take action

This part is crucial!

You must act on the guidance given.

This is because, when you act on your intuition you develop TRUST.  

And, IT IS THIS TRUST, that then makes it easier to know EXACTLY what steps you need to take to make your desires manifest!

You see, your intuition will never force, nag or tell you to do something - for that is the job of the mind.

Rather, it will guide you, ever so gently, to what it is you most need to do.

You just need to follow it!


Developing a strong intuition has had the MOST PROFOUND effect on my life and my ability to manifest. 

When I started to tune-in to my inner guidance and act on it, all of a sudden my life got easier and things manifested for me so much quicker!

Some examples of things I manifested when I started using my intuition:


♥︎ My website hitting the world wide Number 1 Google ranking for Manifestation Coach.

♥︎ Winning the LOA Leaders Manifestation Coach of the Year Award.

♥︎ Getting Fully Booked in my coaching business (in just 3 months) without using FB Ads, or other kinds of Marketing!

And much, much more!


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