How To Speed Up The Manifesting Process


Speeding up the Manifesting Process is a hot topic among my clients and for good reason - who doesn’t want to attract their desires more quickly?

If this is something you’re interested in, I’ve got good news for you!

Attracting your desires more quickly isn’t difficult. In fact, it can be done in just 2 simple steps.




So the first step that you need to take in order to attract your desires more quickly is to acknowledge where your energy is out of balance.

And what I mean by that is; recognise where in your life your energy is being drained and where it is you feel most frustrated.

The reason this is such an important step (and often overlooked) is because whenever we have a problem in our lives our first reaction is to try and manifest something different to act as the solution.

Now, the issue with this is;

You can’t get to where you want to be, by running from where you are!

This is because, as vibrational beings we take our energy with us wherever we go. So in order to manifest something better for ourselves we actually need to clean up our vibration around our current problem.

A great example of this would be if you were working in a job that you don’t enjoy that is literally “sucking the life out of you” everyday.

Now you would think that the answer would be to run and manifest a better job or get started on your new business so you don’t HAVE to work there anymore.

But all this does is actually create a sense of NEED within you which then propels your desires away from you!

What you need to do instead is make peace with your situation, find appreciation for your situation, and then you will find that circumstances in your life start to change and your desires will be attracted to you more quickly!

Here’s an affirmation to help remind you of this process:

“The more my energy is in balance, the quicker I manifest my desires!”



Once you have cleaned up your vibration and your energy is no longer out of balance, the second step is a little process I like to call:

Reverse engineering your desires!

If you’re thinking:

“What the hell is she talking about!?”

Let me explain…

When we are trying to manifest something into our experience it’s always because we think we will feel better in the having of it.

And what we are actually doing is chasing a FEELING that we think our desire will give us.

This means, if we want to speed up the manifesting process and attract our desires more quickly, we need to find a way to FEEL the way we want to FEEL NOW!

For example, say you want to manifest money more quickly…

You need to ask yourself:

“What is the feeling that I am chasing?”

“What is it that the money will give me?”

A common answer to these questions would be FREEDOM and ABUNDANCE.

Once you have your answers you then need to ask yourself:

What can I do to FEEL - FREEDOM and ABUNDANCE NOW?

An idea for freedom might be:

Change your current work routine or schedule to allow you to have an extra half day off work each week. Even if you were taking a small pay cut to give yourself that time, the benefit would be the energy and vibration on FREEDOM. You would then find that your change in energy would result in more opportunities to make money as well as attracting financial freedom quicker!

An idea for abundance might be:

Donate and get rid of all of the broken or old items in your house that do not make you feel abundant and start replacing them with items that do make you feel abundant!

Luxury toilet paper, an abundance of fresh flowers on the table, gourmet cheese are all great examples.

REMEMBER: These things might sound simple but as long as they are doing the trick to evoke that feeling within you - the universe will respond by sending you things of like vibration!

So there you have it - How to Speed up the Manifesting Process in 2 simple steps!

As always I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Juliette xx

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